Charity Partnership

At Choose Happy we believe in the importance of building communities through efforts and funds given to local organizations. That is why 10% of all company proceeds are donated to a local charity partner! We are so proud that each dollar will help those in need! We believe that when people come together and each contribute just a little bit, we can do big things!

Our current charity partner is the Kennewick Police Department Foundation.




The purpose of the KPD Foundation is to serve law enforcement officers by providing them with a community care fund in which they can use to help citizens in need. This fund allows them to make decisions while in the field and to help provide service to those in need from purchasing clothes or food for families displaced from a fire to purchasing a hotel stay for someone involved in domestic violence. The fund also helps pay for specialized training and equipment not covered by the regular annual budget.

Make A Donation To the KPDF Online Here

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