Our First Blog Post!! YAY!!

Our First Blog Post!! YAY!!

Hi buddies! I’m Katie and the hubs and I are from Washington state and founders of the Choose Happy Clothing Company! We are so glad you found us on our little corner of the internet! We are hoping this blog can serve many purposes; sharing positivity through other’s stories and connections, discussions
about life, choices, hardships and triumphs, and a peek into our own lives of owning a small business, our personal choices and thoughts, and a place to get feedback from you- our readers and our customers.

I thought I would start off our blog answering a couple of the most asked questions we get about our business. Please feel free to leave us more questions in the comments and we might make this “Q&A” thing a regular series on the blog if you guys like it!

What is “Choose Happy”?

Choose Happy is a brick and mortar store in Kennewick, Washington. In our store, we mostly sell clothing but we also have many other items like housewares, books, gifts, and other fun things that we hope make you smile. A portion of every sale we make goes back to a local charity that we partner with quarterly. We try to make sure every item in our store has a positive message, makes your day, or gives back to a charity as well. We also have some customer-interactive sections to our store such as our “Random Acts of Kindness” board where you can leave and also get ideas on how to spread kindness during your day. There is also our big chalkboard where we have different questions we ask our customers. We also have a website, but that focuses on clothing items only.

How did you come up with “Choose Happy”?

Choose Happy was a personal mantra born after a time of personal struggle. Cory and I had crawled out of a darker time in our lives and were working on a chapter of renewal. We realized together, that a lot of our past unhappiness was due to our own lack of personal growth and attitudes. Healthy choices became easier and easier the more we practiced a positive attitude and routine. Cory and I are by no means happiness gurus or anything, and in fact, we still have bad days where we let the negativity crawl back in. We can get caught up in drama,
we argue, we get angry…But we are both human and working to become better people every single day, just like you. We decided to start taking responsibility for anything toxic in our lives and although very hard at first, it has become one of the most freeing choices we made. We already owned a screenprinting company so we began putting our daily reminder of “Choose Happy” on shirts..and the products with a purpose just grew from there! Our family and friends began requesting some of the items we were selling and it’s because of them we’ve
grown so quickly, especially over the last year.

We hope you have better insight into the conception of the Choose Happy Clothing Company. Please use the comment section for questions, feedback, and ideas on blogs you’d like to see. Our only rule is that your keep it polite and respectful!

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