Creating Boundaries Creates Happiness: Part 4

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Creating Boundaries Creates Happiness: Part 4

When people disagree with you, do you get angry?  Frustrated?  Flustered? Me too!  Let's get into Part 4 of our blog series, "Nobody has to Agree with Me" and see if we can help each other think though this one.

I think we can all agree, some of the best moments of personal growth can come from the realization that we were wrong.  It teaches us how to deal with conflict, our own character flaws, and how to eat some humble pie.  We are all human and can connect to each other a little deeper after finding our way through disagreement.  But what happens when you're on an island?  What happens when you know, without a doubt, your conviction and your truth is non-negotiable? 

I might have found the answer...

You agree to disagree.  You fall further into your own inner peace and have no problem camping on that island alone.  You realize that just because someone doesn't agree with you, doesn't mean they don't love you.  As long as the person isn't being disrespectful in their opposition, you should be able to take their perspective in, mull on it, and let it go with no hate or anger in your heart.  

It can feel lonely when people don't agree with you.  Disagreements and anger fuel the desire to alienate yourself.  But what if you stopped thinking in terms of agreeing and disagreeing?  Look at each topic as a chance to understand the other point of view without judgement.  Truly listen to the other person, no interrupting, no defensive statements...just listen and think. Ask questions to understand.  Let the person know you are engaged in their thoughts with good eye contact and body language.  Be present in their words.  

Having people in your life with different opinions is important.  They help us look at things with a different perspective.  They challenge us to think differently and not get too comfortable.  However, if you have someone that is constantly challenging your every decision or thought, it may be time to set some boundaries and let that person work on their approach and try reconnecting when they are in a better mental and spiritual state.  

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