Creating Boundaries Creates Happiness:  Part 3

Creating Boundaries Creates Happiness: Part 3

This next part of our blog series about creating boundaries goes arm and arm with our last post, so if you haven't checked that out, be sure to go back and read about working on not fixing others.  We will now talk about part 3, "It's Not My Job to Take Responsibility for Others".

Okay, so here's the deal- full disclosure: I'm really working on this topic myself currently in my life so if you have any pointers, drop them below and help a sister out!  

Taking responsibility for others is tricky because to me, it often looks like I'm being a good friend, a good coworker, a good spouse, or parent...but in reality I'm bordering on being co-dependent, controlling, and/or needy.  

I often worry that people are mad at me for some reason, or think they are unhappy with me if I unlink my happiness to their comfort or put myself and my family first... these thoughts are irrational. When I find myself worrying about someone else's happiness, anxiety, anger, or relationships, I try shifting my mindset.  I remind myself it's not up to me to take responsibility for someone else's actions or feelings.  I cannot control other's words or actions, I can only control my own reaction.  

Remember, people are going to treat you shitty, people are going to disappoint you, they are going to yell, throw fits, and act foolish.  STOP trying to change them, don't worry about proving you are right, don't make their issues you're own...pursue your own positive well being, spirituality, and control your response to be healthy and calm.  





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