Blog Series: Creating Boundaries Creates Happiness

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Blog Series: Creating Boundaries Creates Happiness

Hey all you People Pleaser's of the world...this blog series is for you!  Don't worry, you won't find judgement here, I'm one too!  And I know you oh so well; you are worried about everyone around you being happy, feeling taken care of and fulfilled, that sometimes (well, most of the time) you feel burnt out and exhausted when it comes time to taking care of yourself.  You worry about a random comment you made to a friend.."did that hurt her feelings?  Was that too harsh? I'm a bad friend. Maybe I didn't say enough..maybe I should have said more. " You wonder if your family is upset with you because you missed an event..."they are all so mad at me, I just know it.  I feel so guilty.  I'm a bad sister/aunt/daughter/wife. They aren't going to invite me anywhere anymore."  Okay well first- stop that...try to control your thoughts friend!  I recently stumbled across some awesome boundary "rules" on the interwebs that have helped me start my journey as a recovering people-pleaser.  I'm going to work through each one point with you, as a blog series.  Hopefully these key bullet points will help you too! 

And let me point out that I'm a work in progress and struggle everyday with each point myself, so we are in this together buddy!

  1. It's Okay To Say No
  2. It's Not My Job To Fix Others
  3. It's Not My Job to Take Responsibility For Others
  4. Nobody Has To Agree With Me
  5. I Have A Right To My Own Feelings
  6. I Am Responsible For My Own Happiness
  7. I Have A Right To Express My Needs Honestly
  8. I Am Enough


So check back to the blog every couple days, and let's work on setting boundaries and creating a happier you as the result! 


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  • Nichole | Wildly Alive

    Always choose to be happy. And accepting, loving ourselves for who we are are steps to be genuinely happy. So choose happiness,always.

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